Monday, September 1, 2014

Importance of Social Bookmarking in SEO

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a method used to improve not only traffic to the website but also to check whether the content will have requisite user appeal. SEO firms usually charge a lot of good money for such services. This is happily indulged by clients due to the effectiveness of the method.

It is often said and has been felt that in advertising one may have the best product, but it is dead so long as people are not talking about it. Similarly, a website may have quality content but it still needs whisper campaigning or word of mouth support. Thus, one needs to have an interactive audience for all the content and expression of thoughts. Here, comes in social bookmarking to strike up that dialogue in the digital space to get things moving. This is a way to share, store, and search and organise specific web page bookmarks. Bookmark sites allow people to share and store their favourite bookmarks. It involves tagging bookmarks with certain keywords in order to facilitate sharing and saving them on public websites. It helps drive traffic to the website in the form of an inexpensive and simple method.

In the field of marketing anything online, building up links is of immense purport. SEO allows a number of ways to ensure massive traffic through link building. Social bookmarking is one such tool with immense application for promotional purposes. In this method data by websites gets bookmarked on these sites for social tagging or bookmarking. The benefit is that this kind of bookmarking makes the links universally accessible from across the digital space. The social bookmarks may be public or private.

A type of social bookmarking is manual form or manual social bookmarking. It involves submission of the particular website on a number of social bookmarking websites. It has proved to be an effective way of getting proven specific traffic and brings in to focus the online business site visitors. It is a trusted method since the search engines responsiveness is higher through this.

The idea in social bookmarking is to make the public have access to something on the internet through social websites which are publicly accessible. It enable the generation of notice in a wide spread manner through public sharing of personal interests. Social bookmarking benefits see true realisation when this interest gets the website the relevant attention. This is perfect white hat SEO since all it involves is the sharing of fabulous content which will pique the interest of many others who in turn will do the same by further cycles of sharing.

Social bookmarking allows for fast indexing by search engines spiders swarming the web by employing websites dedicated for such activities. This will dramatically improve the chances of the article getting more and more views. A decent level of clicks and views also depend on the quality of the content and the title used. Fresh and large quantum of traffic can be attracted through submission on multiple websites for such bookmarking. For drawing specific traffic tagging of a niche and more direct nature should be made use of. Social bookmarking also enables brand creation. The ability to back link personal pages allows comprehensive brand creation.

The main purpose of using this method is to create a social buzz rather than only back links. It helps one acquire quality links. Social bookmarking sites facilitate improving and maintaining page rank of personal profiles incorporated within them through proper preservation.

Social bookmarking in order to be successful needs to have first-rate content, something which should be a source of enjoyable reading experiences. The articles should be precisely submitted such that it reaches the desired target audience and should be well researched. The idea is to avoid unwanted spamming and instead be involved in true value addition to the World Wide Web.

Importance of Link Juice in SEO

When it comes to SEO, the most important thing that matters to website owners is getting placed high up in the search engine result pages or SERP. This would ensure that your website gets more visitors and you have better conversion rates and earn more profits. Link juice is something that is connected to SEO as it helps in attracting visitors by improving your website rank. An SEO consultant named Greg Boser is known to have coined this term and is now a very common term used in SEO.
Link juice is a term in SEO that means the amount of positive ranking factors that are passed via links to a website from both internal and external sources. It is one of the most important factors that determine your web page rank in SERP.

A variety of sources offer link juice that might help in the improvement of your rank in SERP. A certain amount of link juice can also be generated by website owners by submitting to various social media platforms in the World Wide Web. But it would work, only when other people from these pages recommend your website as then only your network would start to grow. Other ways of getting link juice is by blogging on other sites where you can mention about your website or asking people who have websites related to yours to provide a link to your website.

Link juice would help in improving your website rank only when it is from:

  • Websites and WebPages that have content relevant to your site.
  • Pages those have a very high rank in SERP.
  • Pages having less number of outbound links.
  • Pages that have quality content.
  • Pages those are popular in the social media.
  • Pages that have keyword optimized contents.

Link juice would be ineffective when it is from:

  • Pages that contain content that is not relevant to your website.
  • Websites and pages those have a very high number of links.
  • Paid links are of no use.
  • Pages that are not indexed in the search engine pages.
  • Links that you have got due to an exchange scheme with some other website as this actually cancels out the impact.
  • Links from sites that does not has any content.
While obtaining link juice for your website, it is important that you keep all these points in mind as the importance of link juice is immense.

The fact the entire World Wide Web depends on links says it all. Proper link juice can boost your search engine rankings and also divert traffic to your website when obtained from the right sources. Organically, your website can reach its optimum performance level with high quality link juice. Link juice in important in SEO because:

1.    Google handles more than 70% of the World Wide Web traffic and Google ranks the web pages based on the links it has.  The importance of link juice is here to stay as if it has to go, Google would have to rewrite its algorithms. And if they had wanted it do it, they would have done it much before.

2.    Your website is crawled by search engines spiders and they click on the links just like humans who use these to navigate.

3.    Links are considered the best way of telling something to the users. It is also a natural way of making users understand something that they do not have any idea about.
You might come across many bad links but these would be bad for your website rank. Make sure you have quality link juice for your website.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Seamless Secure Review- Secure Your Websites

Your website is doing great in the online,  you just started earning through your website. Your business is growing. That means you are a happy man. You are enjoying your business. Well how about wake up in a morning and login to your website to see how much you earn last night but oops your website get hacked! The google is saying that they will give warning to your website visitors to not to visit the website. How about that? Now you are thinking it won’t happen to you? Yeah, the chance is there but are you going to take that chance? I wouldn’t.  Now, the question is what can you do? I would suggest you to use Seamless Secure.

What is Seamless Secure?
It’s a very powerful wordpress plugin, by using it, you don’t have to be worry about the hacker attacks and the google malware things. This WP plugin will handle all the security you need so that you can focus on growing your business instead of thinking about the hackers.

What you can do with Seamless Secure?

  • It will remove vulnerabilities of your wordpress sites easily by using it’s 5-step security system.
  • It will help you to do schedule backup of your websites and make sure that you are protected.
  • If anything goes wrong you can restore your website easily.
  • You can backup your websites at any time.
  • It scan & removes the malware code.

The best part is anybody can do this even if you are a newbie and don’t know very much about this stuffs. It’s really easy to use and it will only take your 2 minutes to setup this and secure your website time and time again.

Why you should use Seamless Secure?
Lot of wordpress websites get attacked. I guess you know about this. Trust me your website also isn’t safe. A stat saying that over 30,0000 websites are hacked every single day. You may think you won’t be one of them but you can be wrong as I said earlier, I wouldn’t take that chance.  It doesn’t matter if your website has very little hit still you are unsecure. Protect your websites. You can do it with Seamless Secure. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge. By following very easy & simple steps you can secure your websites. It’s not very time consuming also. I think no website should have the fear of hackers. Build a website need lot of time, patience, hard work and money also. It can’t be lost in a day. For that you better use Seamless Secure to secure your websites.

How Seamless Secure will secure your websites?

Malware Scanner & Removal Tool-
Lot of malware can damage your blog. You will be surprised to see how many threat you have when the excellent scanner tool will be used. It will remove all the threat without damaging your websites.

5-Layer Security-
This powerful plugin will going to bullet proof your websites against all kinds of hacking attacks so it will be impossible for hackers to break-in and get the access of your website.

Complete Backup-
This is an outstanding feature of this plugin. Save your every single file. This is the backups of your website. This will be saved on your server and also you can download it and keep it into your desktop.

Schedule Backup-
This plugin will allow you to schedule for your website backups. You can schedule your backup as your likeness either every day or even every hour. This will make sure that your website is safe in case of any attack.

Restore backup-
Now, think that your website does get hacked. I guess you know what to do. You have all the backups of your website. Restore it with the click of a button then you are great to go again.

At the end part, let’s not forget that this is a WP plugin so you only buy it if you have wordpress sites. If you have wordpress site then there is a very good chance that all your hard work will be ruined in a day because of malware attacks. You don’t want to see that day? Get strong security for your websites. I believe now you know how to do that.

Keyword Advantage Review- The Most Powerful Keyword Tool

Keyword research is a common word for online marketers. It gives lot of headache to them. They always worried about the matter that they will choose the wrong keyword to rank for. Everybody want their website on the top page of google. So, then it will get the maximum amount of hit which will bring success to the business.  For that keyword research is very important. Targeting the right keyword is the key to your success. If you are going to rank for wrong keyword then the bad days are coming to you. Let’s talk about the most powerful keyword tool now available in the market which is keyword advantage.

What is keyword advantage? What it will do for you?
Keyword Advantage is a keyword research tool. With that you can figure out the most searches buyer keywords for any competitive niche. The competition of the keyword you will find won’t be very high but still you’ll get huge amount of visitors. Most importantly the visitors those will make you money. It will help you to save your money and time which you will spend on doing keyword research. Keyword advantage will find out hundreds of low cost, low competition buyer keyword in any niche within seconds. If you choose your golden buyer keyword then that will help you to rank on top. So when you have your better ranking obviously then your website will get get huge amount of organic traffic and then your business will expand automatically.

This tool has the link with google adwords. Just type words or phrases which is related to your niche then google adwords will figure out the keyword with the most searches then you have to export those searches into keyword advantage. Isn’t it is so easy? You don’t require to do time killing keyword finding technique which is really painful. You can now do that just in one click. This tool will experiment the keyword searches and figure out which keyword will bring you the most clicks and good business in your niche. When the analysis is over the keyword will come to you as some colour so that you can easily pick your one.

  • If the colour is DARK GREEN then this is the most powerful keyword for your niche.
  • If the colour is LIGHT GREEN then this is also a very good keyword for you.
  • If the colour is YELLOW then this is a good keyword but you should be think about it before go for the action.
  • If the colour is LIGHT YELLOW then this is also a good keyword but you have to be very careful with this. Think about it carefully.
  • If the colour is RED then don’t go for this keyword.
Is Keyword Advantage tool for you?
Let me ask you something then we will come to know whether it is for you or not-
 You want to get a keyword in your niche which has low competition but has high search volume, which is golden buyer keyword.

  • You are an affiliate marketer and want to rank your websites and videos on top of google.
  • You have a product online and you want to sell it more.
  • You want to get tons of free targeted traffic from google.
  • You have a SEO agency and want good results for your clients.
  • You want to save your time, money and energy. You want to do keyword research with minimum effort but should be very effective.
Now answer to this question to yourself and decide whether it is for you or not. If you are reading this then I guess definitely it’s for you.

Benefits of Keyword Advantage
Worrying about keyword research technique days are over. Keyword Advantage will find for you the targeted keywords which will convert big time. Anybody can use it as it’s not very tough to use. The process of doing keyword research with keyword advantage is very easy, you can do it with one click and of course with minimum effort you will come with the golden buyer keywords. Using this most powerful keyword tool you will get huge amount of organic, targeted free traffic for your business.

The reputation means something, you know people do or buy something because they heard good things about that. It’s worked for them, for those who already used that. What I want to say is more than 32,000 people using this tool so that means it’s doing great for them. So we should get that it’s the most powerful keyword tool. You are an online marketer, product owners, you give services through online, you are an affiliate marketer? Well it’s for you. Now think about it, take some time you can read that article again so that you can understand what it will really do for you than go for the action.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Importance of Schema Markup for SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO is something that is ever changing as the trends are changing almost every day. What works today as an SEO strategy might become outdated tomorrow as the search engine algorithms are improving day by day. SEO professionals need to stay updated with all these in order to include these while designing their strategies. Schema Markup seems to be one of the latest SEO development and this article deals with everything that is related to Schema Markup.

What is Schema Markup?
Schema Markup is a set of data in forms of tags or metadata that are added to HTML web pages. The primary aim of adding this data is providing the search engine spiders with some extra information regarding the content of the web page.

It is a way by which the web page data is standardized that allows the various search engines to analyze the content data faster and much more accurately, thereby offering better search engine results. This method of coding is applicable not only to websites but to videos as well.

Schema Markup is important for the following reasons:

  • Schema Markup or coding can improve the click-through rates of your website.  CTR or click-through rates is basically the percentage of people who see your listing or ad in the search engine result pages and also click on it and reach to the main page of your website. Schema Markup improves your site’s CTR by displaying relevant information to the consumers about products or services they are looking for. It has been proved that Schema Markup improves the CTR by as much as 30%.
  • Schema Markup also improves your website’s ranking in the search engine result pages or SERP. The best part about Schema Markup is that it feeds search engine spiders with relevant information about your website that helps the search engines to understand your site better. They in turn, index it properly and accurately. The websites that do not have Schema Markup on the other hand are bound to be placed below you in the SERP as the search engines are required to make wise guesses about the content of these sites.
  • Schema Markup authorship snippets also increase the trust and authority. Trust is something that matters a lot when it comes to buying things online and consumers always prefer to buy products from a name they can trust and Schema Markup snippets can help you in creating just that. You can link your Google+ to your content and that way viewers can see your thumbnail photo and they would also have the link to your account. This is a great way of building trust and Schema Markup lets you do just that. Viewers would also be able to see the number of the people who are in your Google+ circle and that would proof a lot about your expertise.
  • Schema Markup authorship snippets will boost your rankings further once ‘author rank’ has been integrated in your Google’s ranking algorithm. And this is yet another reason as why you should get associated with Google+.
  • Schema Markup is also useful for local SEO. Online reviews and testimonials are important for local SEO as more than 80% of the customers read these before actually buying anything online. Schema Markup can help in local SEO by placing text snippets in your search engine result listings of your reviews.
  • With Schema Markup, be it in your website or your videos, you will have an edge over other competitors in terms of search engine rankings.  It is something that you simply cannot do without.

Why Classified Ads are Important in SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is basically a tool that helps your website to get placed high up in the search engine result pages or SERP of various search engines in the World Wide Web. It is done by using a set of strategies and by proving that your website has more relevant information as compared to other sites of the same category.

Classified ads as we all know are nothing but a way in which products and services are advertised in the web. There are both paid and free classified ads. These ads are usually designed attractively so that these can catch the attention of the users and they also make use of keywords so that reaching to prospective customers become easy.

How do classified ads work?
Most search engines like Google, Bing etc. make use of automated programs whose function is to search for fresh and unique content in the World Wide Web. Many people look for a particular brand or product or services in the internet, and most often he or she looks for sites that post classified ads regarding the product or service he or she is looking for and others as well. These websites have become very popular in many countries of the world and whenever, consumers are interested in buying something in particular, they look for websites that have posted classified advertisements. And if you are a marketer who is enlisted in these sites, your website will automatically attract traffic.

Why is it important?
Online classified campaign always works but it is important that you have correctly submitted your ad by enlisting under the right category and right region and by targeting the right audience. The purpose of posting these ads is to get worldwide recognition and unless you place your ad strategically and properly, your purpose would not be serve and the entire think would be useless. If your classified is about swimming but a person does not come across your classified ad while searching on the same topic, it means that you have not placed your classified ad effectively. A classified ad is important to SEO and the company only when it is able to generate interests among readers and bring about the desired results.

Importance of classified ads in SEO
A website has become an absolute necessity for all online stores (and also for other stores) but having a website is not enough as there are millions and millions of websites in the World Wide Web. Creating a website that gets placed higher up in SERP is important as that would only attract traffic and bring in more sales and profit. SEO professionals are looking for new and innovative ways for promoting websites and classified ads is a great option when it comes to promoting websites as the website gets posted very quickly and brings in sale queries in a very short span of time. More and more people are now posting in free classified ad websites that usually attract traffic and by doing so they also are enjoying the benefits of getting referred by lot of people for their products and services.

The main aim
The main aim behind creating classified ad is to generate leads or in other words to generate business. These serve as an excellent link back platform to your website and there are some sites where one can post content along with back links. Classified ads are turning to one of the most useful SEO strategies that offer quickest results. There are many search engine optimizers that offer submission of classified ads at a very low cost and hence, this is also a very cost effective SEO strategy.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Importance of Google Plus in SEO

Google+ or Google Plus is a social networking platform that is owned by Google Inc. according to Google, this social network is much more than just a socializing network. It is an authorship tool that identifies web content directly with its author. It is an identity service and is ranked second in terms of social networking sites i.e. it comes just after Facebook. It enhanced properties include Gmail, YouTube comments and +1 button and more than 540 users are using this identity service site by socially interaction with these properties.

How does Google+ affect search engine results?
We all know that Google is the most used search engine in the World Wide Web. More than 70% of the research that is done globally in the internet is controlled Google and its use is increasing day by day. Given the fact that Google+ is Google’s product, Google obviously would give Google+ more importance as compared to any of the other social networking sites when it comes to organic search results.

You can put your website URL in your Google+ profile and that can be really beneficial for you.  Any person, who works in an online marketing company, knows the importance of Google. Many people who are not in this industry thinks that Google+ is just like the other social networks and are not different in any way, but the truth is that the importance of Google Plus in SEO is immense.
Investing some time in your Google+ profile can really help in improving your local search visibility and this holds true, especially for small and medium sized business owners. This is how Google+ is important to SEO.

Authorship Markup
A name is not enough to make a mark in the online marketing world these days, it needs a human face to win the trust and loyalty of customers and Google+ lets you do just that. Transparency about the man who is behind the brand helps in making the brand more credible. Most people will trust a brand more when they know about the owner whom they can even contact him/her if required. A face also offers many other benefits like improving your recognition and authority in your field. As far as SEO is concerned, this would ensure better visibility, eliminate plagiarism and also help in building your author rank.

Publisher Markup
This is also similar to authorship markup, the only difference being, it is used to promote the company and not the author of the content in the SERP. This also affects your rank in SERP and you enjoy a better visibility and therefore, you also get to enjoy better click through rates. It has been seen that Google gives better ranks to websites that has configured publisher markup.

Hash tags
Hash tags are getting popular day by day and are being used in almost all the major social networking sites to add importance to a topic or word. It initially became popular in Twitter and slowly, even Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ have also joined the revolution of hash tags.
Hash tags are added in front of a word or topic and makes it easier for users to participate in conversations that are related on the same topic and also helps in the distribution of your content in the social media. Hash tags can be added both automatically and manually in Google+.

Communities’ interactions
If you know what Facebook groups are, then you would easily understand what a Google community is. They are topic oriented boards where you can discuss on topics and share thoughts and ideas on SEO and get to learn a lot about it as well.
There are various other ways by which Google+ helps in SEO.

Importance of DMOZ in SEO

There are many people who do not know what the DMOZ is. It is a human edited open content directory of all the websites in the World Wide Web. It was launched in 1998 and is owned by AOL and is maintained by the Open Directory Project or the ODP that is a community of volunteer editors. Since its inception and till 2011, it was a powerful and influential tool in the search marketing field as it powered the Google directory.

But with the demise of the Google directory in the year 2011, its influence started to cool off. Before the closure of Google directory, getting a link from the DMOZ was considered to be one of the most important segments of any website’s link building strategy. Since, the directory was and is edited by humans (and not some software) or busy volunteers, it used to take a lot of time for getting a link but the link was a very valuable and trusted asset.

Most search engine professionals do not talk about DMOZ as it no longer powers the Google directory but DMOZ still holds an important position when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO).

DMOZ can affect the rank of your website in the search engine result pages (SERP) and this is how it does it.
The human editors of DMOZ prepare a brief write up describing the content of your website and it is upto Google what is chooses to display in the search pages, whether it is this write up or your website’s Meta description tag.

DMOZ affects title tags and descriptions
DMOZ editors can overrule your description tag and rewrite the title tags them themselves and if your title tags are rewritten, it means that they are not of the best quality. In order to produce quality title tags, you can do the following:

  • Your title tag should not just contain keywords and the name of your company should appear at least one in the home page.
  • Do not use same title tags for different web pages of your site.
  • Title tags need to be very short and should include relevant information
Importance of DMOZ in SEO
It is not easy to get website approved and listed in DMOZ and it is quite a lengthy process. If you do not have a quality website or if there already many similar listings, your website listing can be rejected. It can months and even years and that depends on the editor who has been assigned for your project.

But DMOZ links are still very powerful and the links that you get back have high authoritative value that would help your website in getting a better rack. Though just one link does not really make or break your link building strategy, it matters and so it is better that you submit your website to DMOZ. The cost of submission is free and there is nothing to lose. After submitting it, forget about it for a year or so and come back after a year to see whether it has been listed. It takes a lot of time and if it still has not been listed, try resubmitting it.

It is quite easy to submit your website to DMOZ and all that you are required to do apart creating a quality website is to go to and see whether it has been already listed and search for your domain. Then you would be required to select the best category for your site and go to upper right and click on ‘suggest URL’.
This is the importance of DMOZ in SEO and though the importance is as much as it was a few years back, it matters.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Importance of Web 2.0 Submission

 Web 2.0 is a second generation internet service that is based on online sharing and online collaboration amongst users. Examples of web 2.0 services are:
  • Social networks
  • Wikipedia
  • Web based applications
  • Photologs and blogs
  • Content managers and communication tools
  • News promotion and subscription system 
  • Search based on tags etc.
There are many people who think that article submission sites and web 2.0 directories are due to recent Google Panda update and Google Penguin update. Many SEO professionals have stopped submitting their articles and building links from article submission sites and web 2.0 directories without realizing whether they are doing the right thing and or losing out on search engine optimization here. In this article we will discuss about the importance of Web 2.0 submission and how it is still effective in SEO.
  • Web 2.0 is high popular and its popularity growing day by day. This is a big enough reason to understand its worth. There are many web 2.0 sites that allow author and publishers who have zero programming experience to publish their write ups on the web. This advantage has been also misused by many spammers in the past and these spammers developed automated software submission systems which were used to put span contents on many web 2.0 sites. But now web 2.0 makes use of effective spam filters and these are getting better day by day. Most spam content and low quality content have been removed and the rests are now using great support from the search engines.
  • More and more authors are now sharing their expertise and moving to web 2.0.- Web 2.0 now has better spam filters and that is encouraging the authors for sharing their expertise as they no longer need to feel unsecured about them being put in the same category as the spammers. You will come across many high quality blogs nowadays in web 2.0 and this is a result of better spam filters only. When you put your content in web 2.0, it would be automatically associated with high quality publisher by various search engines and this is turn would improve your reputation and authority.
  • Last but not the least, people who are submitting their content to web 2.0 and other article submission sites are staying away from back hat SEO strategies. This in turn would increase the authority of article submission sites and various web 2.0 sites but this is something that would not happen overnight. If you are an SEO professional, you can take full advantage of it by not making use of any black hat SEO and Spam SEO strategies and techniques yourself. Make sure that you submit great quality content that visitors would love to read and this in turn would help in getting a better place in the SERP.
These are some of reasons for article submission sites and web 2.0 still being relevant in the SEO game and as they still give you better and high quality back links as well as authority. But at the end, it all depends on how reap in maximum benefits from such services. We all know that black hat technique and spam SEO strategies would ever help in SEO and you really cannot fool the search engines by making use of link wheel to create a strong link building strategy and the key to a be successful lies in the use of quality and amazing content that people would love and when you have good content in your site, Google along with other search engines would be happy with it and send visitors to your site. Search engines will fall in love with you, if you can make your visitors happy

Importance of Alt Tag optimization in SEO

Alt attributes are also known as alt texts or alt tags and are an important element when it comes to online presence. It is used in XHTML and HTML to specify or provide any type of alternative texts or alt texts when an image or webpage is not being displayed. In short, you get to see an alternate text instead of the image that is not being displayed due to some reasons.
There are many people around who run their website but do not have any idea regarding what these alt texts are. This article will be helpful to you, if you are one of them. Also, there are many people who are using the alt texts but do not know whether they are using it correctly or not. This article will tell the importance of alt tags in SEO and how to use them correctly.

What exactly are Alt attributes?
The main purpose of this is to offer a description of the contents of a file image. In other words, alt attributes offer text to website visitors to images that they are not able to see on the website on their browsers due to one or more reasons. Some of the common reasons for this include browsers not being able to display the image and also when image display is disabled. This can be true for visually impaired visitors and also for visitors who make use of ‘screen readers’ to see the content of your website.

So, when a viewer is not being able to see a displayed image, no matter what the reason is, the alt text would will come in the place of the image and give contexts about what exactly was in the image for people who could not see them. So, in short this alt attributes work towards ensuring that your website image content is communicated to people who are not able to see them directly. Having alt tags is important as it matters for search engines as well and these help you in getting a better rank in the search engine result pages or SERP as even you images get ranked in the image SERP.

How Alt tags help in search engine optimization?
Search engines cannot see images in your website just like your visually impaired visitors and search engine spiders are enable to crawl through an image that has a text embedded in it. So, if you do not create alt tags for each of the image in your website, you are losing out on being seen online and your site is properly ranked as well. This is possibly the main importance of alt tags optimization in SEO.

There is a certain way by which Alt tags help in SEO. Search engine spiders make use of the information provided by the Alt tag in determining the best image in terms of a search query. It is a huge benefit as this brings in new visitors and improves your site traffic. Your website also secures a better rank than it would have, had there been no Alt texts. You will also get an edge of your possible competitors in SEO.

If used properly, Alt texts or Alt tags offer a great place when it comes to utilizing your keywords and improves your website’s chances to show up in image search result pages. But, make sure that you use appropriate Alt tags for the images concerned. For example, you possibly would not want to label an ice cream image with a text that says “affordable web designing services” as it really does not make any sense. Fooling search engine like this would not help and it can even lower your rank.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Advantage and Disadvantage of SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves the process of making a web-site or web-page visible in a general search engine as a result of typing just a keyword. It is well understood that a site that becomes visible more frequently or without taking much time is likely to attract maximum number of visitors’ attention. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most popular and leading searching engines facilitating this service worldwide.

SEO is a powerful tool and if used correctly it has many advantages as given below.

•    Economical
Once you achieve a rank within 10th according to the search engine, you don’t need to make payment to the authorities for every single visitor. You need not market your products through thousands of advertisement but this service would assist you to receive free traffic without spending much. Here the service does not stop suddenly if payment is delayed for a period of time.

•    Essential tool for internet marketing
It is observed with a little effort the number of visitors of your web-site or web-page could be increased sharply. It is even better than posting ads on web as people find it embarrassing and many use ad blockers to get rid of this. So this new concept has successfully replaced the traditional one to a large extent.

•    Trustworthy
People trust on Google or other search engines than posted ads on web. They find this service reliable one. Once your company occupies the highest rank on Google no other ads would be able to compete with your product. As your rank goes high more people becomes aware of your market products.

•    Saves time and efficient
There are more than 10000 millions websites available on the web. Without SEO it would be extremely difficult to find out the efficient and necessary one and people won’t be able differentiate among so many choices available on the web. So it makes their task easier with just typing a single keyword they will be closer to their desired result.

•    High ROI
Usually 3-4 % of total web site or web page visitors headed ahead to buy a product. So no of clicks is directly proportional to no of sales made. Unlike advertisement it targets those customers who are looking for the product. Return on investment (ROI) becomes high in this type of transaction.
Each strategy has its own strengths and weaknesses; understanding them all to get the most out of your chosen strategy is important. Let’s discuss some of the key disadvantages of SEO.

•    SEO tools are time consuming to implement
Good SEO techniques require excellent content creation which may become a disadvantage as the process is very time consuming. SEO no longer simply consists of filling your webpage and Meta data with keywords; it requires consistent creation of high quality content. If you don’t have the proper resources maintaining a sustained SEO program will become overwhelming.

•    Lack of control
There is too much out of your control in SEO and this is one of the biggest disadvantages of SEO. There are billions of web pages in search engine indexes. The position of your page in these indexes is dependant on a perpetually changing algorithm which you cannot even see. So constant monitoring and specialist knowledge and the ability to respond is required if you want to keep your webpage visible. Unfortunately this is extremely hard to do and is uncontrollable.

•    Investment is required in the Technical aspects of SEO tools
Maintaining consistently good quality content creation is just one aspect of an SEO strategy. If you want to maintain a good ranking in the search engine indexes you have to be well educated in the technical aspects of SEO as well. Technical issues like site hosting, site structure, 404 configurations 301 redirects must also be addressed; else even if your web content has the highest quality in the internet you website will get low visibility. If technical issues are not addressed properly web crawlers may not even be able to read your site. You have to have trained and experienced personnel to manage these issues which will require further investment.

The Importance of Bad Link Removal in SEO

The detoxing of links is very important for a number of reasons. This is primarily important to maintain Google rankings which are determined by the Penguin program. Ranking is usually affected by a negatively impacting inbound link. The launch of Penguin 1.0 in 2012 changed the rules as now website owners have to be on the constant lookout for low quality and unnatural back links. You might still be thinking why all the hype. Well for the simple reason of a thing called Google Penalties. Penguin spots linking practices which are bad and accordingly hands out instant punishment in the form of penalties.

The usual SEO campaign constitutes some kind of activity involving link building. Ranking issues are normally caused by historical links. Links which tend to cause these issues are links from websites on articles, forum or blog comment spam or blog network links. Google penalties can result in downgrading and subsequently complete absence from ranking which effectively means revenue loss. Hence, one needs to take steps. Thus, Link detox becomes an important part of site management. The cleaning up process can be done in following ways:

  1. Hiring a professional service.
  2. Manual check of all links.
  3. Using a program.

How a link is classified as bad depends on determining whether it lands on a spam page, performs any value contribution and whether it relates to your site. For instance, a link without any value addition is in essence bad. If the link is doing anything other than help the site, then it has got to go. The usual factors evaluated for considering a link is Quality (Authority, Traffic and PR), relevance and value.

Few things to keep in mind before performing link recovery are:

  • A salvage operation seldom helps as Google is very particular. A penguin interruption means thorough link cleansing. It is common knowledge that Google does not reward link reconsideration requests usually.
  • Algorithmic penalties and manual actions both work in recovery of links. Expending enough resources, time and energy means usually most recovery campaigns work. However, it is all without any guarantees.
  • Link removal is an exhausting activity. It involves four basic steps which are Finding contact information, ), in depth back link portfolio analysis, outreach (getting in touch with sites for the taking away of your links and based on Google’s rejoinder repeat the process as many times necessary.

Link building should always be more about quality than quantity. Bad incoming links often result in dip in website rankings. Incoming or back links are used by Google to rank websites. Google checks the number of links directing towards a website as well as the website’s quality from which those links are originating. Since, in the past many developers preferred quantity over quality, a large number of links were made for a higher website ranking. Hence, a Penguin update often flags off fresh links which are actually bad, but were not so marked prior. Bad content can also result in a tanking in rankings. One can always check their Link profile webmaster tool account. This will give a spreed sheet view of the most connecting links.

Websites are engaging various Link removal services which is often a time consuming process as it involves manual contacting with admin and webmasters responsible for detrimental linking. The services usually undertake the responsibility for all the documentation, pertaining to the Google re-inclusion request. People do not realize that the process is far more complex as a simple re-inclusion request submission will not fetch much. It must be accompanied by the display of substantial undertaking and huge efforts. A key factor in discerning bad links is to look at relevance, use and being generally alert about suspicious sites. It is better to check links counted and netted by Google in spite of rankings being good if one wants to avoid future discord.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Google Analytics and Its Importance

Google Analytics is basically a web based application that is offered by Google. It generates a detailed statistical report about your website’s traffic sources and traffic and also measures the conversions and sales that are generated from the traffic. This service offered by Google is not for webmasters and primarily has been designed for the web marketers. It is a very popular statistic service that is used by many websites.
Though the basic service is free, in order to use the premium version, you would be required to pay a fee.

Google Analytics track traffic generated from all kind of networks starting from social sites to search engines and direct visits as well. This web based application also displays advertisements, email marketing, pay-per click networks and digital collaterals.

Google Analytics is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools available in the World Wide Web and the fact that it is free makes it more appealing. The latest version that has been rolled out is the Google Analytics 5.

Importance of using Google Analytics
It is always beneficial for your website, if you can keep a track of the traffic and Google Analytics let you do just that. It is free and it integrates with other programs of Google like AdWords and AbSense that makes it more valuable.

It is an easy to use and a very powerful product and almost all website owners make sure of using it.
The importance of Google Analytics is immense and there are few amazing things that you can do with this web application designed by Google. They are:

  • You can use it find out whether your visitor actually read the contents of your website. Google Analytics has this track visitor engagement that lets you measure that time visitors spend in your website. The longer time visitors spend in your website, the more engaged they are in reading your website stuffs.
  • Google Analytics lets you find out what visitors are looking for in your website.  Site search is actually very important for your website as by doing that you will be able to keep a track of the keywords and find out what visitors are looking for. Google Analytics is an application that lets you keep a track of your market needs and requirements and so you should do as much as you can with this application.
  • Google Analytics also keep a track of where visitors are going after logging in to your site. This would help you to have an idea regarding what visitors are thinking. You get to maintain a track of outbound links as well.
  • Check your website loading site and this something most SEO professional overlook. But when ranking your website, Google considers this as an important aspect and if your website loading is slow, it would not secure a decent rank. Site speed is also something important from the user’s point of experience.
  • You can also keep a track of your website goals. You can check your report regularly to understand whether you are near your goals and how long you have to go in order to achieve them with the help of Google Analytics.  There is also feature in Google Analytics that tells you what steps from your side can improve your performance.
There are two primary reasons as why Google Analytics is here and they are; first to make you learn about your target market and second to make you learn what works for your website and what does not and learn everything else related to your website. There are plenty benefit of benefits of Google Analytics, you only need to use properly.

Google Webmaster tools and its importance

Google webmaster tool is a very powerful set of tools that have been launched by Google at least in terms of SEO. Most SEO professionals take the help of this tool in designing your website but there are also a few who do not and that is either because they do not know what Google webmaster tools are or because they do not realize the importance of Google webmaster tools. If you are amongst them, then this article will be helpful in clearing all your doubts regarding this very useful tool.

 Google Webmaster Tools
As the name suggests, this set of tools have been designed for the webmasters that allows the webmasters to communicate with Google and design websites according to how Google wants it to and according to how Google see each of the sites in terms of internal and external links, the keywords and their usage, crawling rate, sites’ traffic statistics and many more such elements.
There are some issues regarding privacy though. While making use of these tools, you would have to give Google, a complete access to your sites statistics and you naturally would worry about how they would handle it. Google being a very reputable company, the chances of it abusing your site data is minimal, but if security if your top priority, the think twice before using these tools.
Many professionals use Google Analytics and Google webmaster tool together and the end result is of course better. One can have access to Google webmaster tools, if he or she is already using Google Analytics as Google webmaster tools can be easily integrated into it.

How to get started?
You need to join Google webmaster tool first, in order to use it. Then you would have to go through a verification process. You would have to verify your ownership for the website for which you want to use the Google Webmaster tools and there are many ways of doing it. Check the settings and get to know how to do it.

How to use it?
You can start enjoying this set of tools after verifying your ownership and after having the Google code in your site. After you log in, dashboard is the first thing that you will see in your account.
The major sections are Search Queries, Crawl Errors, Links to your website, Sitemaps and keywords and from the dashboard you will have access to all these.

Search queries
This section tells you about the keywords that led visitors to your site.
You can get a long list of keywords that users are using to get to your site and it would be best if you are also optimizing on the same set of keywords. Another huge benefit is that you might get hold of few keywords that you are unaware of and can use in the content for your website. You will also idea regarding the keywords CTR and higher CTR means you are using relevant keywords.

This is yet another benefit offered by Google webmaster tools. You can check where the backlinks are are coming from and also what pages they are being linked to. You can also check if there are any bad links and get rid of them as they are bad for your website ranks.

Crawl errors
You will come across all the problems that Google encountered while crawling the pages present in your website in terms of inaccessible pages, server errors etc.

This section also deals with keywords, the difference being; here you get to see what Google has found in your site as keywords.

You can also check the sitemaps that Google has found from this section and the number of URLs  that is using as well

Sunday, June 29, 2014

URL Optimization for SEO

When we talk about SEO tactics, we always mention the importance of keywords in the content of the webpage and in the same way URL being a very important segment of the website should also be keyword oriented i.e. the keywords present in the URL should be consistent with the content present in the webpage or website. Importance of URL optimization in SEO is immense and here we have discussed 4 steps that would help you in structuring your website URL.

 They are:

  • Words to be used in the URL: The URL of your website has certain elements that need to have keywords so that your website is noticed by the various search engines and you get the SEO benefits for your website. As far as the different elements of the URL are concerned, keywords can present in the folder, page elements, sub-domain and of course domains. It is not necessary to use keywords but search engines can easily crawl and index the pages if you use keywords in naming the pages and the folders. Along with the use of keywords, there are a few other points that you need to take into account while constructing your URL.
1.    Descriptive URLs: If you are not using keywords in your URL, you can use words that describe the content of that page.
2.    Shorter URL: The lesser the number of words you use in your URL, the better it is. Avoid the use of words like ‘for’, ‘us’, ‘the’ etc. as the shorter the URL, the easier would it be for typing and remembering it.
3.    Place important keywords at the start: Search engine spiders do not pay much heed to the words present at the end of the URL, so place the keywords at the beginning.
4.    No repetition: Avoid repeating any of the words even if it is for sub-sections.
5.    Blog URL is not required to be identical to the title of the page.
6.    Avoid keyword stuffing in your URL.
7.    Never use capital letters in your website URL.
8.    Parameters like %, ? should be avoided.

  • Static or Dynamic URLs: The URL created by a web server or CMS is called a dynamic URL. The page elements do not actually exist as a whole unless the URL is requested by the browser. Once requested, the URL is generated by the CMS with lot of unwanted parameters and characters that make the URL unfriendly to the SEO. Static URLs on the other hand if structured keeping in mind the above things can be deciphered easily both by humans and search engine spiders.
  • Hyphen and Underscores: Hyphens are considered to be word separators by Google but they still not have programmed their search tools for the same when it comes to underscores. However, when it comes to search engines like Bing, it does not really make a difference whether you use a hyphen or an underscore. However, it is better to use hyphens or use none of them. Underscores are not user friendly and so, it’s best if you avoid using these. But if there is an underscore in your URL already, it is better if you do not touch it and let it be as it is, as your pages have already been ranked by the search engines.
  • Sub-domains: It is always better to use sub-domains for segments of your website that are completely different and that receive regular visitors. Also keep in mind that the sub domains have the tendency of being called a separate entity and may not be considered a part of website, so avoid too many sub-domains.
Importance of optimization of URL in SEO is related to the rank of your website and you sales and profits, so keep the above points in mind.

Best internal linking practices in SEO

Internal linking is an important on-page factor for websites in SEO. These are the links that take you to other sections of pages of the website and external links are the links from other websites and external domains.

Therefore, a link is an external link that points to some other website.
There is a common misconception amongst web users that internal links carry less weight as compared to external links when it comes to SEO. The fact is that these links when used on authority sites carry a lot of weight.

Importance of internal links in SEO:
Internal links are obviously important as search engine uses them to rank your websites. Internal links help in improving in Page Rank and improves user experience as well. It makes crawling easy for search engines like Google and so when there is a lack of internal links; Google would find it difficult to rank sections those lie deeper in your website. Users would find to difficult to go through your website. Your website rank is surely going to better when you have useful and proper internal links as compared to having none.

How to create a good internal link structure?

As far as few best practices for internal linking in SEO is concerned, you can do the following for your internal link structure of your website:

  • Keep all the pages within 3 clicks from the homepage: This is well known SEO rule that every web designer makes sure of following. None of the other pages on your website should be more than 3 clicks away from your website homepage. Make sure of this to have your internal link structure on the right tracks.
  • Avoid optimization and use relevant anchor text: This is another thing that you need to take in account. Make sure of using anchor texts that are relevant while creating the internal links. Using useful anchor texts would give your website better ranks and in the process you will also kink your inner WebPages that would also secure improved ranks. There are various plug-INS that help in hyper-linking important keywords that take visitors to other relevant pages and you can use those for creating a good internal linking structure for your website. These can be customized and you can use it for specific phrases and keywords according to your specifications and also make sure that only page is added per link. There is a downside to using these and that is it does not look natural as it would have been, if an editor did it and if not used properly, it can lead to disastrous results.
  • Homepage should have the maximum links: Your Homepage has the highest link authority and should be the most linked page of your website and make sure that the links to other important pages of your website is present in the homepage itself as that is what visitors and search engines see. This is would also ensure that your inner pages are ranked better.
  • Use Breadcrumb navigation: Breadcrumbs, as well all know are navigational features that reveals the location of the user on a website. This can make the internal linking structure of the website, better.
  • Use navigational links: As mentioned above, it is always useful to have important and useful links in your main menu. But along with that, having navigational links in your website sidebar and footer can improve your rank and user experience as well.
These were the 5 useful practices that can improve the internal link structure of your website and make sure of using links at the top of the pages.

Advanced Anchor Text Guide

Anchor text is the visible text that you need to click to go to some other site, in a hyperlink text and in most cases is underlined and is blue in color like this one that takes you to a Wikipedia page. It is important to have a SEO friendly anchor text in order to improve the rank of your website.

The search engines are upgrading themselves day by day and they are making use of different metrics for ranking the various websites. And one of the most important metrics is the presence of relevant links in your website. This has been there for quite a long time and is still considered important by the major search engines. The relevancy depends not only on the content of the concerned source page but also the content of the anchor text that has been used.

This can be clearer with the following example. Suppose someone is writing a blog about gardening which is her passion. Blog writers are very keen on reading and they tend to spend most of their time reading about what other people have to say about their passion in the internet. It might be that she comes across an article that has something written about the psychological aspect of gardening. She would definitely want to share that with all her readers and friends. She can do that by linking her blog to that particular article and that is she gets to choose the anchor text. She can put something ‘click here’ but it is always better to go for something that relevant like she can write ‘gardening also has a psychological aspect’ and hyperlink this entire phrase to that article. Someone else might link it in some other way by writing something like ‘how gardening affects your brain’.

Anchor texts are sources of information that you include in your blog or website and that is something very essential to the present day search engines. The search engines use these links to see what information the linked pages have and whether they are relevant or not. This information is put by real people and is usually not biased.

Link hierarchy and link sources are also considered to be important indicators for link relevancy. The search engine can go to the linked article to see its relevancy of your content before indexing your blog or webpage.

With the onset of the Penguin update, Google has started looking more closely at the anchor text contents. If you have too inbound links containing the same anchor text, then it could be a matter of suspicion as these are signs of using plug-ins to acquire links. Search engines prefer links that have been placed naturally and not by using some automatic tool. Go for anchor texts that are keyword and content specific for the best results. Also try and anchor text different keywords rather the same keyword again and again.

The page has a great chance of getting a decent rank when your anchor texts look natural according to the latest SEO strategies. Diversity has always been the key to good SEO rankings and it is still so and so differentiate your anchor texts by using varieties of anchor texts pointing to various pages but make sure that they are relevant and use most of them in your homepage. Avoid buying links as that might have a negative effect on your rankings and attract all types of links from various sources and make use of various anchor texts as well. Also make sure of linking to authoritative sources and be real and natural. Avoid over optimizing as well.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Importance of Google Authorship in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process which influences the observable characteristics of a website by the use of a certain line of attack to improve the rank of the website. If you type a query in the search engine, a list of the websites flashes on your computer screen which is related to your doubt. The topmost link of the website is observed to be most appropriate and thus, has a greater number of visitors and this improves its rank. This is done by using the influential tactics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Google Authorship is a medium through which you can increase your SEO ranking. It essentially links your Google+ account to the original work that you have shaped along with your picture beside it. There are various pros of the Google Authorship in SEO:

1.    Endows you with your own recognition:
Since your work is now linked to your Google+ profile, your picture will now be on display beside the search results. This will give you your own identity and will be proof that you are the primary author of your own work.
Experts say that the search results with a picture have a higher ranking in the SEO than the ones with only the standard text in the search results.

2.    Socialization and bonding with people:
Google Authorization helps you connect with the people who are added in your Google+ profile, thereby allowing them to share and read your work if they like it. It also helps in publicizing your content since it is now viewed by your circle. Those who like it can eventually add you in their Google+ circle. In this way, you are connecting with your readers and are sharing a plethora of informative ideas with them as well. This too will help you achieve a better position through the SEO. If you are a blogger, you can mention the links in your profile and the readers can view them by a customized search. This helps in promoting your blogs as well.

3.    No more infringement of copyrights:
Google Authorship makes it a point to remove the plagiarists and declares you as the original author of your own content. Since you have a Google Authorization in your name, Google will rank you higher up in the SEO and will reduce the chances of any duplication of your work. Also, since you have established a connection with the people by your Google+ profile, they will let you know if they see your work under somebody else’s name and you can report it to Google. In this manner, your work remains secure and nobody can violate the copyrights.

4.    Perks of availing a Google Authorship:
Google is working on implementing an Author Rank which will give liberty to the users who have availed of Google Authorship to rise above those who have not, hence providing them with a higher position through the SEO. Though the ranks will be primarily based on the content and efficiency of your work, it will still boost your overall rank. Once Author Rank is implemented, you will find yourself miles ahead on the curve.

Thus, we see that Google Authorship opens up more chances of increasing your rank thorough the SEO. Google Authorship is the best way of promoting your work and you can get recognition on the internet and thereby, build your Google authority. It also establishes a line of communication with people and you will certainly be standing out in the crowd by smartly using Google Authorship. So, go for Google Authorship and enjoy your place in the net savvy world!

Importance of Rich Snippet in SEO

A snippet literally means a small piece of something. In the context of programming, it is defined as a short reusable piece of computer source code.

It refers to a small section of text which can be used to insert in a code program on a website. In order to avoid rewriting the same code time and again, a programmer usually saves the code as a snippet which can then be simply dragged and dropped wherever it is required. Using snippets also allows the programmers and web developers to create a cleaner development environment by organizing common sections into categories.

Rich Snippets essentially refer to detailed information aimed at helping those users having specific queries. They provide a small sample of the site’s content on the search engine result pages like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. They help in enhancing your search listing by making it easier for various search engines to extract information.

For example, in case of a restaurant, its snippet might show the average review and price range. Similarly, the snippet for a music album lists the songs and also a link to play each song. These rich snippets help in bringing traffic to your site by increasing the number of clicks.

Search Engine Optimization is basically used as a tool for website owners to attract more customers to their website. It’s a way of building websites and analyzing them so that they can be found in an easier manner when they are indexed by the search engines. SEO helps in increasing the site’s visibility and the traffic to the page. SEO strategies as well as internet marketing are the only forms of marketing that put forth your business, product or service in front of the targeted market and prospective customers who actively seek exactly what your company has to offer.

Rich snippets are designed to summarize the content of your page in a way which makes it easier for the users to understand what your page is all about in the search results itself. If you wish to take intensive advantage of rich snippets, think about what information the user will find helpful when choosing between search results.

In order to install rich snippets, follow the following steps –
Access the HTML of the page you'd like to add rich snippets to and add the micro data which you think is appropriate for your site. Thereafter, update the HTML and test your rich snippet to confirm if you have used the micro data correctly and whether it is readable by Google.
The key objective of search engine optimization is always to create a productive search experience for users.

From a user’s point of view, you have an infinite number of results to choose from which makes it exceedingly difficult to choose out of so many available ones the one which will not be disappointing and won’t take you back to the result page again. And this is where the information-rich snippets prove to be of major help by allowing you to be a more informed user and choose appropriately without wasting time.

In such cases, having good product reviews visible in the results offers users a tremendous value proposition thus, helping them to just click through to the right result.
Rich snippets don’t just increase your site’s ranking, but also aid you in communicating a clear, unique proposition to help establish a competitive advantage.
They are an essential way to improve your website’s search engine optimization as they get you valuable exposure in the SERPs, qualified traffic and an increase in conversion rates.

Importance of Static and Dynamic Sitemap in SEO

Every website has a very important and significant component in the form of a site map. Site maps facilitate navigation through the site. It helps assist both the search engines as well as the users. Site map as the name suggests, is a single page view of the site structure. It consists of links to the various pages of the web site and are usually organized and categorized in a Hierarchical form. Further, indexation of the website by search engines is also facilitated by site maps.

It has been seen that text based links for critical pages often ensure a great means for the search engines to find the relevant website and site map. The structure of the website should be such that it incorporates a link to the site map. All links should be checked for functionality. Site maps are broadly characterized into two types – Static and Dynamic. The static site map is one which does not get altered unless changed by the webmaster. In a static site map the webmaster is required to add URLs manually. In stark contrast, dynamic site maps perform changes automatically usually with the help of a program or software. The name dynamic is self explanatory and means that such site maps make the relevant changes to sync themselves with the alterations to the site structure.

Importance of Static Site Maps:
Site maps are XML files on the web site which update search engines of changes and also indicate the importance of certain pages as compared to others. Static site maps are important in a very limited set of scenarios where the information is such which is not expected to see much updating. It is easier to maintain a static site map as it does not need dynamic updates. However, a static site map will not be suitable for a high Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) score as compared to dynamic websites due to its fixed nature. Static site map have static URLs which have high click through rates. They are easier to remember and hence better for branding with optimized anchor texting.

Importance of Dynamic Site Maps:
A sitemap can be easily generated and uploaded to the web site. However, the search engine (Google, Yahoo or MSN) must thereafter be notified. A dynamic XML sitemap is ideal for an improved site presence since each URL can be customized. Further, additional links are updated in real time without external input, that is, it is self sufficient as such. The sitemap service option is of specific use due to the dynamic nature of the toolkit website which aid frequent updating. This type of site map improves the SEO score by providing information such as latest time and date of page modification along with the rate of changes to pages. A dynamic site map becomes essential for a website which has Java script or image based navigation or is flash heaviest to facilitate search engine spidering.

SEO is better achieved by the use of database dynamic sitemap. Dynamic site maps are essential for web sites with a lot of archived data as they need functional internal interlinking.

A lot of factors impact the benefit of site maps and their corresponding SEO connect. They are the number of linked sites, ability of the search engines to successfully crawl the website and relevance and uniqueness of the content. Popular search engines are now stressing on the importance of providing the relative importance of pages in the site map. In static site maps the importance of the pages is easily identifiable before root directory upload. A dynamic or a static site map helps raise the bar of capability and involvement of the website with respect to search engine optimization and the latest SEO standards.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Importance of Business Listing in SEO

Business listing is a marketing and organizational tool which is a printed listing of all the companies in a particular category. It helps the users get information and also get involved with national, multinational and even local companies, industries and organizations. It includes all the basic details of the particular business in a systemized format. It is not limited to any particular sector of work, but spread over the entire three primary, secondary and tertiary sectors extending from industries to schools and religious organizations. It is a very efficient marketing tool to increase the visibility of a small scale business. Listings can be easily managed by anyone ranging from a local business owner of a school’s publicity team in order to make sure that the listing is up to date and the latest one.

What an informative listing includes:
  • A brief description of the business.
  • A list of services and products it offers.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Address
  • Contact information.
  • Ratings and reviews.
  • Photos of the products (a maximum of 10 photos).
  • Video URL (you can upload your video on YouTube and post the URL).
  • Web site address.
  • Payment options.
  • Categories which your business belongs to.

          A fully complete and optimized business listing can bring about incredible benefits to the company. It is important to use every field that is provided efficiently. Encourage and respond to your online reviews always no matter if they be positive or negative. Also, be active on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as they attract followers which in turn attract customers.

           The main goal of Search engine optimization (SEO) is to optimize the website for better rankings on search engines and find potential online customers. Two amazing features of SEO are that they are easy to set up and free of cost. Some ways to improve your site ratings are publishing relevant content, updating your content regularly, intelligent use of metadata, creating relevant links and using alternative tags to describe visuals and videos. Do a keyword research to find out what terms people mostly tend to use while searching for their products and services, and use them efficiently in your listing.

Some advantages of business listings are:

a.    They increase your popularity and boost your visibility online.
b.    A business enlisting shows up on the search engine and is a potential marketing tool to attract potential customers.
c.    This is an additional source which will provide information about your business to people.
d.    They provide inbound links. Many directories offer a feature to link your website to the business listing and this increases the number of people who visit your website.
e.    It opens a new sector of customers who might be new to a particular place and don’t know where to find the products and services.
f.    It is much more cost-efficient than print advertising and also has a higher return on the investment made.
g.    Local listing exposes your business to more potential customers. 
h.    Drives more traffic to your website.

There are many business listing online sites available. Some of them are:
  • Google places-Google being the number one search engine, you simply cannot ask for a better platform for your listing. You can attract more followers by using Google+, Google Places and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Yahoo local- The business listings are free and your only requisite is a Yahoo account.
  • Yelp- It is a city guide map and your listings can fetch a lot of online reviews on this platform.

With a good, accurate, concise and an intelligent business listing, your company will gain good popularity, greater trustworthiness, more potential customers, greater profits and good overall ratings.